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By Docmars, author of Tomorrow Girl in Bismarck

Dec 14, 2017: Boy, this is a depressing one. In a good way. It’s about several kids who have suffered abuse forming, gaining super powers. Until I read it, I didn’t really get how good of a metaphor that is because superheroes are people who have odd, traumatic experiences that happen to them and they now perceive the world in a fundamentally different way that not all people are like just people who haven’t experienced what they’ve experienced can’t. That is a powerful metaphor that I think a lot of people really experience but, oh, man. This was part of a swap and I like this quite a bit but I’m having trouble reading about these sorts of things. It’s great. I love it. I’ll definitely go back to it at some point but not for a while. I will recommend it wholeheartedly.

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