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A story to Touch your soul.

By L Nimbus, author of The Minotaur Paladin

Nov 11, 2018: Anger. Fear. Happiness. Excitement. Desperation. Euphoria. Disgust. Awe.

All the emotions i felt while reading Touch, broken down to eight words. And they can’t even begin to express how much i loved this read. How much the characters matter to me. How real they feel. How . . . amazing this story is.

I’m not going to blab on too much here, just get down to the nitty gritty.


Touch tells the story on three young adults in the modern day world with superpowers. Seen this before? Well, think again. There are no superheros or supervillians here, at all. Powers are hidden from the world, any evidence of their passing carefully written over by the well aware governments of the world.

These powers are only manifest through trauma and stress, meaning that more often than not, those that receive them are not the friendliest of people. James, our primary MC, receives his after being raped. Sounds disturbing? Well, it damn well should be. Rhytmn doesn’t gloss any details over, realistically portraying Trauma and it’s effects on the human psyche. I won’t go and spoil the other characters, but all of them have had horrible things happen to them in the past, and this makes them so much more interesting then many of the blatantly fake ‘revenge MC’s" you see by the dozen on RRL. This isn’t some event that happened and turns the MC into a ruthless killing machine, this is horrors happening to children, events that scar them for life.

This might turn off some readers who want generic power creep MCs or glorify this, but i applaud Rhythm for the the way they portrayed this. RRL needs more stories that research this sort of stuff as much as you do.


Lets be honest. I like Rhytm’s style and have absolutely no critique for it. The dialogue is presented well, the action flows much better than most stories i’ve read and the plot moves at just the right pace. Everything just clicked for me when reading this. A story, no matter how epic or emotional it might seem, is nothing without a good writer to convey it, and Rhythm does that beautifully.


Again, the grammar in Touch is FLAWLESS. Nuff said. Either Rhythm is the God of Grammar or it has an entire editing team on standby. Don’t know which one is sacrier to me.

Characters: ( WIP Will expand this later. )

I’m not going to mince words, Touch’s cast is amazing. Small at first, but steadily growing. Spread out and varied, it’s downright amazing.



A challenging read, one that constantly asks you if you have the balls to turn the page, or just run back to your normal weebo reads. But is it worth it? Five hundred pages in, and i say YES.

Touch was worth every page, every minute i spent reading it. And i WILL be back for more.

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