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The Good Touch

By Mariner, member

Oct 19, 2017: First things first, Touch is not a story for everyone. It handles its subjects tactfully, but even so, this is a story which is fundamentally about troubled children and painful emotion. I don’t see that going away.

I’ll be honest and state straight out that this isn’t my kind of story. It’s a bit of a slow trek, with prolonged descriptions of the minutia of emotions and motives of its characters. That’s not necessarily a bad or a good thing, but it is something to be aware of if you’re looking for a quicker story. It may pick up later, but heavy detail and a slow pace seems to be the writer’s style.

That said, what it does, it does well. The writing is very technically solid. The characters and dialogue are genuine, even in their awkwardness. Nothing is ‘prettied up’ for the sake of the reader. There was a brief conversation between a husband and wife which made me cringe, until I realized it was an honest representation of a real pair of cringe-worthy parents. Touch can definitely boast of very genuine and 3-dimensional characters, all of which are easy to empathize with.

It’s currently hard to judge the plot due to how early in the story things are, but the author lays a good framework for larger reveals later. There are enough glimpses of strangeness to make it obvious interesting things are going on in an otherwise seemingly normal world of car rides, schoolyards, and bedrooms.

STRENGTHS: Well written from a technical standpoint. The pacing is slow, but consistent, and it handles many perspective changes smoothly. From the first chapter, the plot seems to be leading towards interesting reveals, and the writer knows how to sprinkle questions and answers both to keep that rolling. If this is your genre, it’s quality writing and story-telling.

WEAKNESSES: Even taking the slow pace into account, scenes can linger for too long. Excessive detail is given in straight-forward explanation where hints or implications could carry more weight. Readers don’t necessarily need the specific mood of a character explained when they angrily slam a door. Sometimes just slamming it is enough.

CONCLUSION: Touch is an emotional drama with a hint of super-human powers and mystery. It’s very difficult to ascribe strengths and weaknesses to it because of how strongly preference factors into enjoyment. The story is slow, the descriptions long and detailed, the content fairly unsettling. But the characters have soul, and the mystery is definitely there. For some people, that may be exactly what they’re looking for. But for just as many people, maybe not.

If you’re looking for quick action or grand adventure, this isn’t the place. But if you’re looking for honest, emotionally driven drama with a healthy splash of intrigue and a promise of strange powers, give Touch a look.

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