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Worth the read, and worth reading the warning.

By revfitz, author of Existential Terror and Breakfast

Dec 18, 2017: Disclaimer: This review was written as a part of a review swap.

Touch is one of the few things I have read that truly deserves a content warning at the start. I used to balk at things like this. Literature, in my opinion, should never be held to the same ridiculously Victorian standards as television or film. If something is offensive, or dark, well, that’s art. I am glad that this one was up front, however.

Touch deals with the sexual abuse of children, and it deals with it by using a super power allegory. It does so with tact, and so far, rather responsibly, but it is a heavy subject that is not normally dealt with in this genre. I’ll get to more of this in a moment.

First, the prose itself has a good beat to it. Long time fans of the super hero genre that is so popular with online serials might find parts of it to be too contemplative or slow. Though I understand this objection, considering that many in the genre are very fast paced or full of action, I felt that it worked very well here. I personally had no problem with the pace and quite enjoyed the intimate inner workings of the characters. Frankly, the strength of this writer is shown in spades in the very first chapter (a combination of psych notes/ transcripts). I’m not sure if a fast pace would do the dark subject mater that the author is dealing with justice, and in fact, at least early on, would probably gloss it over in a way that was jarring.

The characters are, as of this writing, fully fleshed out. I have yet to encounter one (even a minor character) that felt flat or one dimensional. The dialog was very smooth and believable.

I also found the writing to be VERY clean and polished. My reader’s flow was never broken because of technical errors. However, the heavy topic of child abuse meant that I did have to leave the serial alone between chapters, least my own sanity be shattered.

As of this writing, Touch is in a very early stage. We are still well within the first act and though I get the feeling that once it ramps up, it will do so quickly, it is taking its time to get there. Again, I personally have no problem with this, but I am a multi genre reader. Someone who identifies squarely as an action reader may lose interest.

Because the serial is still early in its story I will likely return and review it again in the future, but at this time it is a good read and was worth my time, though I may now have some empathetic PTSD to deal with.

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