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Fun, lively, light entertainment.

By Eren Reverie, author of Et Alia

Jan 2, 2015: So, this was pretty entertaining. The point-of-view character has a snarky mental voice and a lot of energy. That said, she also makes a fair number of dubious decisions – which, okay, I might not be the best judge of the realism of (I was hyper cautious at that age, which I guess is not quite the norm).

The story is interesting, though, and has a pretty light hearted tone to it despite the somewhat dark and potentially dangerous creatures that populate it. There are some mysteries floating in the mix – mostly around the main character and why she has her particular ability, but also in some of the events that have occurred (SPOILER-ISH: specifically, a traumatic event leads her mom to move the main character to the new setting, but while we do see the scenes leading up to that event we don’t ever see how the aftermath played out – ie, how she survived). Because of that, in one or two other places that there was a sudden time skip after a cliff hanger, I was concerned that we were going to be treated to the same ‘blank space’ where we could only speculate on their resolutions – fortunately, however, in those cases the resolution was spelled out fairly quickly in the character’s recollections.

All in all, I’d say that the story is a nice, quick read and pretty darn entertaining. It required a little bit more suspension of disbelief from me than the average urban fantasy does (again: the main characters’ decisions – particularly in regards to who she tolerates spending time with and how quickly she allows people into her life – often seem counter intuitive to me) but I read the whole thing in one sitting and will be checking back for more when I need some lighter, fast-paced entertainment.

Oh, and I should mention: I may have to look up some of the movies that were reviewed in the main character’s blog excerpts. 😉 That was a fun bonus.

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