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Train Wreck: The Wrath of Mom by jeanne

Mom needs to die - who'll get to it first? 

A frantic scramble to kill their mother drives four grownup siblings crazy. A dysfunctional family that puts yours to shame. Let your mom read it if she complains that you don’t treat her right.

Note: Train Wreck: The Wrath of Mom contains pervasive harsh language; also, some graphic sexual content and graphic violence.

A complete novel

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Listed: Nov 11, 2009

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Train Wreck Indeed

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Jan 20, 2010: Oh my.

This is . . . .different.

It all starts with phone calls from Mom to each of her adult offspring; a pothead, a ruthless businessman, a disturbed socialite, and a drug dealer. Apparently she’s saying horrible things to them and clearly it’s her cruelty that warped their lives.

But on the next page, the story’s told again from Mom’s point of view, and it turns out she was reminiscing lovingly about their childhoods and missing them and was really saying something quite different, but they weren’t listening, just hearing what they thought. The pathos of this almost made me cry.

However the fuzzy moment and sympathy for Mom is short-lived. Soon it becomes clear that everyone in this story is batshit crazy. It’s all so over the top, you soon realize you’re not expected to suspend disbelief. It’s a parody of the most dysfunctional family you can imagine. There’s also strippers, thugs, domestic abuse, roasted pets, scads and scads of drug abuse, infidelity, extortion, kinks you’d rather not know about, and of course at least three murder plots against Mom.

So, although there are no actual trains in it; Train Wreck is a good title to describe my reaction to this story. It was definitely not my cup of tea, but the horror of it was somewhat hypnotic. It’s not a serious story, so it must be meant as humour, but I did not find it funny at all. It’s rather hard to rate, because it’s so much not to my taste, and I know it’s not great literature, yet I will allow that it takes a certain quality of imagination and creativity (disturbed!) to dream up something like this.

Three stars "worth a look" seems right to me. Worth a look if this sort of thing is up your alley; otherwise don’t risk the mental scarring. If you enjoyed the movie "American Beauty", this is not unlike it in word form.

A clever touch is the use of links as illustrations.

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