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Twig by Wildbow


The year is 1921, and a little over a century has passed since a great mind unraveled the underpinnings of life itself. Every week, it seems, the papers announce great advances, solving the riddle of immortality, successfully reviving the dead, the cloning of living beings, or blending of two animals into one. For those on the ground, every week brings new mutterings of work taken by ‘stitched’ men of patchwork flesh that do not need to sleep, or more fearful glances as they have to step off the sidewalks to make room for great laboratory-grown beasts. Often felt but rarely voiced is the notion that events are already spiraling out of the control of the academies that teach these things.

It is only this generation, they say, that the youth and children are able to take the mad changes in stride, accepting it all as a part of day to day life. Of those children, a small group of eerily competent youths from the Lambsbridge Orphanage stand out, taking a more direct hand in events.

Note: Twig contains pervasive graphic violence; also, some harsh language.

A complete novel

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Listed: Mar 26, 2015

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Twig – a biopunk fantasy

By yuigahama, member

Dec 9, 2015: "Some people are born to be the hero of a story. I was born to be the villain. I see the charming, good looking, obnoxiously noble type of guy and I feel compelled to start a battle I’m doomed to lose."

If you asked me to pick between Marvel and DC, I’d be a hipster and tell you I like neither. I would pick DC if hard pressed, because I actually enjoyed The Killing Joke, despite my aversion to Batman. My [more . . .]

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Deep and intricate plot, wonderful writing.

By Stable, author of The Archive Of Unusual Events

Jun 27, 2016: Twig starts out like old Star Trek series, with a couple of adventures that return to the status quo at the end. Once the characters have been introduced however the story starts to move up the gears. And what characters!

Following the super-hero trope of a seemingly mismatched team that is stronger together than the sum of its parts, our characters each have their own unique skills and diverse identities. Instead of the concept of "powers" however, this all fits into [more . . .]

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An excellent story, if a bit slow to get going

By Void Herald, author of Magik Online

Feb 23, 2016: Twig’s genre is hard to define, although most call it "biopunk". The story focuses on a world where biology has make a boom instead of the industrial revolution, and follows a group of orphans/lab rats embroiled in an alternate version of the American Independence War.

The characters and the world around them are easily the story’s hallmark. The main cast is lovable, the narrator is memorable, and the setting is detailed and fresh, and very unique. The quality of the writing [more . . .]

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