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Another exceptional serial from Wildbow:

By Benguin, member

Dec 15, 2015: After having read and immensely enjoyed both of Wildbow’s prior serials ‘Worm’ and ‘Pact’, I feel he’s really delivered once again with ‘Twig’. The characters are always entertaining, and always either lovable or despicable to the appropriate degree.

An improvement over prior works, Twig feels like it has far fewer areas where the serial falls flat; Worm and Pact both had parts where it felt like tension was just building too far or where the protagonist just couldn’t catch a break.

Its structure also differs from Wildbow’s prior works, in that it has more discrete story arcs while still having a great overall overarching narrative.

Overall I’ve found it a super enjoyable read thus far and don’t expect that to change any time soon; highly recommended.

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