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An excellent story, if a bit slow to get going

By Void Herald, author of Magik Online

Feb 23, 2016: Twig’s genre is hard to define, although most call it "biopunk". The story focuses on a world where biology has make a boom instead of the industrial revolution, and follows a group of orphans/lab rats embroiled in an alternate version of the American Independence War.

The characters and the world around them are easily the story’s hallmark. The main cast is lovable, the narrator is memorable, and the setting is detailed and fresh, and very unique. The quality of the writing is excellent, and the author is humble enough to correct typos pointed to him.

I think, however, that the work’s flaw is that it struggled a bit to find its footing early. While the world is interesting, the story doesn’t really get going until the fourth arc, where the main antagonist, Genevieve Fray, is introduced and the plots move from "villain of the week" format to a stronger, story-spanning plot focusing on the aforementioned biopunk civil war.

The story is slow (much slower than Wildbow’s previous works, and definitively slower than most serials), and takes it time. As such, some people will not like the pacing, others will like the focus on characters.

In short, Twig is for people wishing for a more introspective work. Others looking for a faster paced story might wish to look elsewhere. However, Twig is easily best seller material, maintains a high level of quality through its run, and definitively deserves the attention it gets.

I highly recommend it.

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