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A Must Read.

By danielmnicolas, member

Nov 25, 2015: Twig is without doubt one of the best speculative fiction stories I’ve ever read. This is the author’s third serially published long-form web fiction, and it shows in the author’s expert mastery of the format. This is a proper page-turner style story that keeps you hooked week after week.

You should read this story if you enjoy fantasy, science fiction, horror, or speculative fiction of any genre.

As of writing, there are 7+ chapters published on a twice weekly schedule (with an extra chapter a few times a month), and the author’s successful consistency of publishing a new update on schedule is to be commended and recommended to all authors everywhere.

I love the world building in Twig. I love characters. I’m addicted to the incredible pace in which the story develops. Reading Twig is one of the highlights to my week. I find myself referencing this story in real life situations. If this was a full book in my hands, I would have read it in one (very long) sitting without stopping for anything.

Even if you don’t normally enjoy any of the aforementioned genres, and you don’t normally give web serials a shot, you should still start reading Twig.

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