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Twig: The Fantastic Biopunk Thriller that you have to read

By dashelgr, member

Jul 1, 2017: Review after finishing the first 7 arcs.

Twig is the latest novel by the author wildbow, after the wildly acclaimed superhero novel Worm and the more controversial (but in my opinion great) series Pact.

The plot revolves around The Lambs a group of kids who are made or modified as weapons by a Mad Science Academy. These scientists have unlocked the secrets behind the human body and gone nuts with it, using it to re-animate the dead, make super powerful war beasts, plague parasites and all sorts of unspeakable horrors. The job of the Lambs is to be the spies who hunt down escaped experiments or put down rebellions.

One of the best things about Twig, beyond the sheer ingenuity of the setting is the protagonist Sylvester (aka Sy) who specializes in quick thinking, strategic manipulation and being an all around pain the arse for his enemies (and often friends). Despite that at his core, the concern and care he has for his friends shines throughout the series.

His particular skill set also makes each encounter with enemies more entertaining because the Lambs lack the power to bulldoze through opposition. Instead, they win through covert actions, careful planning and loads of chutzpah. This makes the arcs unpredictable and entirely satisfying.

The other joy of Twig is it’s tone. It’s by genre a horror series, especially considering all the monsters we come across but the tense pacing is often interspersed with plenty of humor and genuine character moments . These character interactions give rise to a lot of playful shipping possibilities that are discussed enthusiastically in the comments.

I also enjoy the pacing of the series. The previous two novels had a tendency to always escalate the stakes, making binge reading quite an intense experience. Twig however eschews that in favor of a more consistent level of tension that I particularly enjoy.

TLDR:- Twig is brilliant, funny, moving and a must read for fantasy fans.

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