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By eduardo, member

Dec 1, 2015: Twig is the third webserial written by Wildbow and it clearly shows an evolution in writing style. His first work, Worm, is excellent and a fast paced thriller that you simply can`t stop reading until the end. His second, Pact, is good, has a creative system of magic and a very inventive world. In this third work we see the complex and creative world building hat this author is famous for, his ability to give depth to characters and the added bonus of strong and reasonably deep social interactions between these unique characters.

The tale is about a special group of operatives working for an evil government in a bio punk setting were monsters abound. The only detail is that these operatives are children, or at least look like children and the main character is a manipulative bastard but is also a child, a real child and sometimes acts like one. And yet this is no complex psychological novel with no action at all. It is very, very action packed. But every single character has deep motivations, every group has a dynamic and every thing that the main cast does impact the world in a meaningful way. In other words, unless you have anything against violence in literature or against gray ( dark gray? Almost pitch black?) morality, read this.

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