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By Taulsn, author of Reaper

Mar 26, 2015: I’m going to keep this short for two reasons, the first being there isn’t much out yet, the second is its one of Wildbow’s. Being one of Wildbow’s works, it’s almost guaranteed to get a disproportionate number of reviews.

I’m writing this review after reading chapter 1.7. So far Wildbow has given us the team, defined their roles and is showing us their personalities. From the perspective of Sylvester, who while I like him might not be the most likable character. The world like Worm feels massive and has the potential to go in almost any direction that Wildbow feels is appropriate. The writing is great, conjuring up compelling images and painting a bleak but glorious picture.

So yeah in my opinion read Twig, if it isn’t your cup of tea, oh well, but if it is, hang on it’s going to be a wild ride.

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