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A nice story

By Eldoran, member

Jan 8, 2010: Twilight is pretty much your average high fantasy setting where technology is stuck in the middle ages and magic is used to fill the gaps. Despite the conflicts going on, this is a fairly friendly world, where pretty much every nature spirit or supernatural monster is some kind of faerie. There are a few quite hilarious examples . . . 

There are a few weaknesses in the story, like a somewhat too nice economy and the storytelling quirk that some things are a bit too often repeated, but the first fits into the rather light mood and the second is usually not that obvious if you don’t read many chapters at a time. That is a common issue in pretty much all of Nimja’s stories. It gets better with time though, so here (which was written after the first 300 chapters of frozen youth – Book 1-3), things have much improved. Its definitely better than the average fantasy story, but there are a still few drawbacks. I’d recommend it for a teen audience.

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