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They say practice makes perfect

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Sep 17, 2014: And twisted cogs is proof of this. Maddirose, already known for her breakout Sci Fi Smut, Orbital Academy, has taken every lesson of character design, tension, plotting, and story, that she learned in OA, and brought them here.

An alternate history story of Italy where something has happened to create "StormTouched" people with strange artistic powers of creation. Our main character joins a studio to work with a master of his craft, and is in competition with other Stormtouched for a place with the master. Until the strange night when she discovers that the studios of the masters do more than just build . . . .

An interesting note to the story is that while Maddi has continued her trend of separating out X rated chapters, unlike OA, the smut isn’t yet a part of the actual story, the NSFW chapters presented so far more interludes, stories about people not directly connected to the main story line. They are, of course, amazing hot, as her NSFW work always has been.

Twisted Cogs. Read it. (its NOT steampunk, btw. I know, with Cogs in the name, I wondered that myself. )

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