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Funny and Fascinating

By Calypso Llewellyn, author of Evacuate Earth: Race to Survive

Apr 10, 2017: I’m currently reading this web novel and I find it an intruiging read. The characters are elegently designed to draw you into the story. Their foibles, achievements and character flaws all help to draw an image of who they are as individuals.

By far my favourite characters have to be Coop and Eve. One about as uncouth as you can get, the other about as rigid and controlled as you can get. For the most part. They are the perfect foil for one another and I look forward to each itteration of their journey.

I find the story to be interesting and attention getting, the attention to detail precise and crisp without being overinflated with unnecessary information. I also find myself worrying over the characters safety at times, while at other times laughing loud enough to disurb others around me.

All in all a worthy read, and one I intend to follow to its conclusion. Of which I am greatly looking forward to. After all, any story that can capture my attention, hold it with interest and make me laugh, and allows me to capture in my mind the vision of the story as it unfolds is a worthwhile read.

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