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Unicorn Bait by Windvein/S.A. Hunter


Naomi was in her kitchen, minding her own business, when all of a sudden she was chucked to another planet. As if that weren’t bad enough, she was attacked, betrayed, and married off against her will. That was on the first day. The next day was worse, much worse. Two words will suffice to describe the next day, and they are: killer kangeroos. If that doesn’t scare you off, then come follow Naomi as she seeks a unicorn to send her back home.

A novel, no longer online

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Listed: Jul 9, 2008

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Editorial Reviews

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Reader Bait

By Sarah Suleski, editor, author of Sidonie

Jul 9, 2008: Unicorn Bait follows the adventure of Naomi, a bank teller in her mid-twenties, who is magically transported to another planet by a unicorn horn inherited from her grandfather.

The story starts very abruptly, at the exact moment of the transformation. I found this a little jarring, as I prefer highly character driven stories and so have trouble connecting with what is happening when I have no reference on the character. Who is this person and why should I care about her?

However I knew enough about where the story was going, from the blurb, that I was curious about the whole "marrying the scary guy" part to continue on. I’m glad I did. By Chapter 3 we are provided with some more information about Naomi and how she got into her predicament, and I as read on I grew to like the character. She’s snarky, and while she gets pushed around a lot, she doesn’t come off as a complete wet noodle. She has pluck, even when odds are against her and the only way to survive is to go along with things. So she spends a lot of time trussed up and made to do things against her will, but her spirit remains plucky and she’s always trying to figure out how to regain control.

The story really hits its stride in Chapter 9. Killer kangaroos, Mr. Squibbles, and Naomi’s hunk o’ burning love (with the Skeletor mask) all made for a fun adventure which carried me along till I ran out of updates.

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Blink your eyes and POOF!

By Donna Sirianni, editor

Dec 20, 2008: I read the summary for the story first and then Sarah’s review above and I’m glad I did because I had some forewarning about the start of the work. I’m all for starting a story immediately but holy crap! SA has taken that literally! I mean literally, in the first sentence of the first chapter, full-force action. I was very thrown, even with the warning. I like the bit of backstory in the third chapter but if it were me, I would have moved that chapter to number one because [more . . .]

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Most Helpful Member Reviews

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It has unicorns, do I have to add anything else?

By EramosE, author of Kaiserin

Oct 22, 2013: A few years ago I stumbled into the fantastic world of webnovels, webserials, blogfic and every other form of writings that the Internet has to offer. After a while I got frustrated that many web-writers start their novels but never finish them, about the same time I found webfictionguide and their cool little section called ‘complete novels’. Now that I decided to become a member and started writting reviews I went back to look for some of the works that caught my eye back then, and the first one I [more . . .]

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Transported offsite

By emp, author of Ride with Madness

Dec 24, 2008: This is a great story – period. No ifs and buts in my opinion. For me, the master storyteller is one who knows how to keep us turning the pages, and SA Hunter does this brilliantly. There was no place where I thought I’d just keep going because I’d started. I don’t have that kind of time available and specifically not for reading from a screen.

Unicorn Bait dragged me along with action, humour and ever more inventive plot turns. I [more . . .]

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Dive in, the absurdities just fine.

By BFuniv, member

Dec 31, 2009: I’m to chapter 15 and really enjoying the fast pacing. I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction lately, and I needed something I can just read and enjoy without analyzing it.

The quirky sense of humor helps also.

[more . . .]

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