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Solid, remarkable but not conventionally impressive

By Pavel Sadovnikov, member

Feb 21, 2017: Huh? How come that Unsong is currently third on topwebfiction but has only two reviews?

Really creative concept of magic system. Interesting and verbose alternative history; if you like this stuff, definitely must read. Insight-ish, but if you want insights, you’d better check up Scott’s Meditations on Moloch. Lots and lots of amusive Bible puns, but, again, if you want puns check up his Study of Anglophysics first to know what to expect. Main protagonists are somewhat pale; there’re a few funny secondary characters, though. Some cool plot twists and moments of awesomeness here and there, but main action is kinda slow (up to 50th chapter, maybe further). If you prefer some conventional action, confidently give Unsong a pass.

UPD 28.02.17: Scratch that. Just read Scott’s recent A Modern Myth. That’s like Unsong but 100 times shorter. If you like former then you’ll like the latter for sure.

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