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I’d read it. (Oh wait: I did. Okay, your turn then.)

By Eren Reverie, author of Et Alia

Aug 27, 2015: I wanted to start this review by saying ‘I enjoyed this serial.’ That would be inaccurate, because the truth is I’m actively enjoying it—this is one I’m going to be following regularly instead of waiting for updates to pile up.

Alright, so, here’s the breakdown: The writing is solid. There’s some wonderfully descriptive language going on. I did notice a few typos on my readthrough, but that’s par for the course with webfiction and they weren’t excessive—also, the author very quickly corrected them when I reported them in the comments, which is always a good sign and means that the reading quality will improve for anyone else who dives in. There were a few places with verb tense disagreements or where I would have used different punctuation, but certainly nothing I would complain about. The imagery is good, and the writing in general—descriptiveness, employment of cliffhangers, etc—improved with each chapter.

Now on to the meat of the matter, the story. First off, I’ll preface this by saying that Urban Fantasy is one of my go-to genres. I’m a natural fan. That said, it still takes a certain something for me to get really hooked on a story—and whatever that is, this story has it. The characters are younger than what I generally am interested in with protagonists, but they work. The main character acts older than she is, but in a sensible way: kids under distress grow up fast. The relationships are interesting and sometimes creepy. The ambiance is excellent, and the story doesn’t take long to show some action, even when the characters are first being introduced. Without being spoilery: once the main plot kicks in that ramps up accordingly. With everything the main character has to hide the story also treats us with a fair amount of intrigue. The characters range from the pious to the morally grey, to the truly disturbing. (Fortunately that part has a warning above it and a summary below it, for those with a low threshold for that sort of thing.)

If you think Harry Potter would’ve been cooler if Harry had just summoned some demons to send after Voldemort, go ahead and add a star to my review. 😉

More seriously: If you like urban fantasy, morally grey heroines, protagonists who are still making the decisions that will determine the sort of person they will become, cool monsters, some very distinct horror elements and interesting magic then this series is for you.

If, on the other hand, you aren’t a fan of black magic, body horror, gruesome battles or teeming hordes of the undead, you might want to ggive this one a pass. :/ If that doesn’t sound too offputting for you, though, then even if urban fantasy isn’t one of your favorite genres I’d still give this one a look. It has a lot of fun and creepy stuff going for it.

Oh, but added bonus? Updates are twice per week. Even though when I reviewed this it was the newest on the webfiction guide list, there were still enough chapters up already to keep me occupied for a couple days. Even better, it means I (and other readers) won’t have quite so long to sink into withdrawls before getting the next fix . . . .

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