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By Is_Generally_Hostile, author of The Comatose Girl

Oct 28, 2016: To start, know that I’m roughly 35 chapters in. That’s the start of Book 2 ( of 7 ) and over 130,000 words, so plenty of time to formulate an opinion for a review, but not finished by half.

I was sold on this work by the review above that said if you thought Harry Potter would have been cooler if HP had just summed some demons to go after Voldemort than add a star to that review.

I want to clear something up about this – if that blurb sells you, you’re going to like this. Full stop. However, it’s not entirely accurate.

If the childlike wonderment and whimsy of Harry Potter is very important to you, this might not be for you. The professors are not eccentric, nor especially kindly. There aren’t "houses" or points system and the main characters aren’t up to shenanigans every five minutes with all their quirky friends. Wand, uniform, book etc shopping is boring. There is no Diagon Alley. This magical school is located in Montanna and it has a reputation for being a bit lack luster of a magic school.

This is all fine, it’s still some excellent writing, and loads of fun, but it’s a different kind of fun.

There’s plenty of blood and gore, the good guys and the bad guys seem fairly well defined, but they’re definitely a little gray too. The main characters are dabbling in "life in magical prison" stuff right from the start.

There’s at least three whole systems of magic in here and who knows how many sub systems, and they feel fairly well thought out and interesting.

It starts off a little slow, but eventually sucks you until you’ve stayed up reading until 5:30 AM.

My only real gripe is there is a bit of handwavyness in here, but I’m not very far along so some of that may get cleared up later.

All in all, I can’t recommend this enough – I wish I could skip work tonight and just sit home and read it.

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