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Voyage of the Nightingale by nursingcapsarecool


In 2213, the Earth has seen devastating global pandemics, the rise and fall of nations, and countless wars. Humanity has ascended to the stars and has begun to spread throughout the solar system.

To support distant settlers, the medical training and aid ship GSC Nightingale completes a four-year journey from Earth to Pluto and everywhere in between. It carries two hundred medical and nursing students, educating them while providing aid to isolated colonies.

The students on board the Nightingale are all escaping something on Earth. For Lucy Hernandez, it’s the violence of the Second Mexican War of Independence. Stacy Weber needs time away from his father’s suffocating influence, and Emma Allred is trying to develop her own life and opinions away from her controlling religious family. Jack MacDonald needs a new start, and Daryush Golshenas needs new memories to drown out the old, horrible ones.

All the students have thought about why they’re leaving, but many haven’t considered why they need to go back. That attitude will change for them very soon, because something is waiting for the Nightingale. Something ancient and inhuman, and impossibly close to home.

The Nightingale will never see Earth again. Will the same fate befall those on board?

Note: Voyage of the Nightingale contains some graphic sexual content and harsh language.

An ongoing series, with new episodes fortnightly

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Listed: Mar 9, 2015


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Big-Hearted Science Fiction

By Billy Higgins Peery, author of A Bad Idea

Apr 23, 2015: This is a fun serial. Set 200 years in the future, it follows the trials of Lucy Hernandez, a good-hearted nursing student just trying to make her way through life.

The story’s got a warm, homespun quality. It’s really nice, and not at all what I’m expect from a science fiction medical drama. As the author herself explained, it’s not the sort of SF you’d expect from, say, Michael Crichton.

Instead, it really digs into the thoughts of Hernandez, showing how she reacts to situations that rely more on her heart than her head. For instance, early in the serial she’s running late. If she doesn’t get to the nursing school space ship on time, they won’t let her on. But there’s a kid who needs her help, so she has to decide what to do.

That’s not to say there isn’t any science involved. I found it amusing that at one point the author referred to the eyes of a person who’d just woken up as "bleached rods and cones." It’s also clear she knows her stuff. She herself is a medical student, and there’s been some discussion in the comments section where she talks about the way she thinks diseases have evolved in this fictional world.

All in all, good stuff.

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