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Warbler by Joseph Vozzo


Warbler is about the crew of a small spaceship. Humanity has been wiped out in a quick, brutal war that it never had a real chance of winning. The 19 crewmembers are, as far as they know, the last human beings in the universe. It’s not about them saving the world. It’s not about them rebuilding civilization either. It’s about them. How they’re all different. How they cope.

Note: Warbler is unfinished, with no recent updates.

A serialized novel, with no recent updates

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Listed: Nov 4, 2015


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Hyper-hyphenated Hyperspace

By Patrick Rochefort, member

Nov 8, 2015: Disclaimer: This review is provided as part a mutual review agreement.

2 out of 5 Stars

The Good: When it hits its stride, Warbler reads like a good science-fiction-in-space television drama. Tight stakes are set, character succeed and fail on their merits and flaws, dialogue is snappy, and real consequences are visited on the poor bastards by a hostile universe.

The Bad: When [more . . .]

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A Fun Space Opera

By Baron Mind, author of The Experiment

Feb 26, 2016: I love the concept behind Warbler: a crew of misfits on a small ship suddenly finds that they’re probably the last humans alive. Where do they go from here? How do they keep on? Do the old rules matter, or is it time to establish a new hierarchy?

It’s an excellent storyline, and Warbler explores the possibilities within it well. There’s a reliably recurring external threat, a number of seething internal conflicts, the faint hope that they might not be the [more . . .]

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Hold Fast Hope

By TakenTongue, member

Nov 15, 2015: Disclaimer: Reviewed as part of a review swap.

Warbler is one of those stories that doesn’t deserve a judgement or pass based upon it’s opening chapters. Writing always improves in worlds that are lived-in, and it takes time for writers to find their footing within the worlds they build.

That being said: Wabler is hard sci-fi, at least in my opinion. Which is fair, and Wabler makes no attempts to alter this [more . . .]

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