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Magical Oppression is the Best Oppression

By MaddiroseX, author of Twisted Cogs

Aug 4, 2014: Watchmirror is a strange beast, hard to define in terms of genre. On the one hand it has definite chords of dystopian fantasy that run deep throughout the piece, but on the other it strikes me as very political-thriller with dashes of magic and action. It’s a very complex piece to describe, which is perhaps fitting for its very complex world.

The basic story is laid out so carefully and precisely that I hesitate to describe it, but it centers around the main character discovering that the things she had always taken for granted about her society might not be all they seem. For Amalia Di Dante, the daughter of a powerful and wealthy noble in a structured and almost caste-based society with extreme governmental oversight, these discoveries are disturbing, worrisome, and worth investigating.

One interesting aspect of Watchmirror is that its author describes it as a “solvable mystery”. Like mystery stories of old, apparently all of the clues to the serial’s various mysteries are there for the reader to solve. Even for rather slow readers like me, who won’t solve the mysteries until they’re laid out in front of her eyes, the tension and gorgeous world-building in Watchmirror are reason enough for me to give it my recommendation.

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