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Who Is Anthony Stephens? by Patrick Anderson Jr.



  • Since 1978, the cost of college tuition in the United States has gone up by over 900 percent.
  • In 2010, the average college graduate had accumulated approximately $25,000 in student loan debt by graduation day.
  • Approximately two-thirds of all college students graduate with student loans.
  • Americans have accumulated well over $900 billion in student loan debt. That figure is higher than the total amount of credit card debt in the United States.

Who is Anthony Stephens?

Anthony Stephens is an American college graduate.

Anthony Stephens can’t take it anymore.

Anthony Stephens is taking matters into his own hands.

 . . . Anthony Stephens is going to die.

Note: Who Is Anthony Stephens? contains some harsh language.

A complete novel

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Listed: May 12, 2012


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Psychological Drama

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Apr 8, 2013: The blurb makes it sound like this story is going to be a polemic against student loan debt. It’s not that at all. In fact, his debts are only one of the reasons Anthony Stephens decides he doesn’t want to be in his life anymore. But rather than suicide, he opts for pseudicide – faking his own death. Now, there’s a few dangers associated with pseudicide. One is you could end up really dead. Another is that someone who helps you could take the fall.

The novel takes place in the aftermath. Through a series of interviews, journal excerpts, and documents, we piece together what has happened. The grieving girlfriend, the cousin from the ‘hood, detectives and coroners, the nice lady who runs a B&B – they all have their take on what happened and on life in general. At the end, you will be scratching your head as you think through what you have read and more and more falls into place. It’s a powerful story. The readers’ interest is held through the unfolding of the mystery, but just as much through the interesting characters, of whom even the most minor have unique motivations and perspectives. The characterization and atmosphere building is great!

I think there might be a minor plot hole or two (I can’t get into them without revealing spoilers), but it might just be me being dense. That said, it’s an exceptionally unique and clever web novel that’s well worth checking out.

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