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Winoc the Traveler by John Calligan


Winoc is a trader from Raven’s Ridge, a small town on the edge of civilization. He becomes wealthy purchasing local furs and iron to take south where they are more valuable. Winoc is forced to flee Raven’s Ridge with the blacksmiths daughter when a Northman tries to abduct her. She struggles to make sense of what happened and find a way to regain control of her life.

An ongoing series, with new episodes weekly

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Listed: Dec 8, 2017


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Winoc The Travler

By HerrWeber, member

Dec 9, 2017: Some of the writing isn’t my style and would say that the author is a novice. However, there was never any time I dwelled on it where it became a distraction or hindered the enjoyment of the story. You have to start somewhere and it is off to a great start. I don’t foresee it becoming anything less. I look forward to more publications in the future.

What you can tell about the author is they have sought out advice without [more . . .]


Winoc the Traveler Review

By bombtasticnovels, member

Dec 9, 2017: This is a review of the first chapter of the newly listed "Winoc the Traveler." Keep in mind this is no way from a professional writer but what I read and saw as a reader (well and a beginning writer). To start it off, I enjoyed the brisk pace of the chapter as well as the descriptions of the scenery and the dialogue felt genuine and real. The backstory was worked in well with the story. Some other things though, "I’d cut him more than once. His lip. His eye." [more . . .]

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No title

By Docmars, author of Adventures in the Pirate Continent

Dec 14, 2017: winoc is a man attempting to make his way in the barren, unfeeling world. Do you read fantasy books? It’s a tale of exciting adventure fantasy, it’s a tale of a self-made man and it’s a tale of people dealing with trauma and how to survive all the beautiful, thick, lovely fantasy coating.

[more . . .]

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