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Winoc The Travler

By HerrWeber, member

Dec 9, 2017: Some of the writing isn’t my style and would say that the author is a novice. However, there was never any time I dwelled on it where it became a distraction or hindered the enjoyment of the story. You have to start somewhere and it is off to a great start. I don’t foresee it becoming anything less. I look forward to more publications in the future.

What you can tell about the author is they have sought out advice without deviating from their style, remaining diligent with its weekly completion. Nothing feels rushed and the zeal is palpable.

The characters pull you in quickly where you feel a genuine concern for them. There isn’t an overabundance of filler; most of the content is terse in nature but not too shallow. The story line is believable while deceptively passing the time with ease and gratification.

I enjoy fantasy shows but don’t typically find my fill with novels/novellas/short stories. I do highly recommend Winoc The Travler with my capital complaint lies with having to wait week to week for more content.

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