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Serial Fantasy, Streamlined.

By Mariner, member

Jan 29, 2018: Were I to summarize this review before even writing it, I could do so in a single sentence: "Winoc the traveler travels fast."

This story begins with and maintains a rocket’s pace, and it does so remarkably well. Each chapter is efficient and quick, and the writing streamlined enough to make it a breeze to read through fast. Any given chapter can be picked up and read in a few minutes as a satisfying and self-contained chunk of fantasy.

That’s not to say that there isn’t an overarching story, because there is and it has a solid air of mystery to it. But every chapter seems to build its own individual micro-story. You can expect that if Winoc runs into a pack of wolves while traveling, he’ll probably handle them in that chapter and finish with a new hint towards the main plot.

As far as the actual world itself goes, the writer builds a setting of North-European fairytale fantasy through an effective use of convention. The world is almost intuitive in its construction, and you’re never left guessing about how something looks or functions. This lends itself to a story where everything is straightforward but for just enough wiggle room to keep you guessing at larger mystery of Winoc’s journey.

STRENGTHS: Quick and effective writing. There are no words wasted, and no purple prose to get lost in. Fights, in particular, are satisfying to read. The world and characters are charmingly honest, which I find makes for a relaxing, low-stress story to get lost in for awhile, with just enough left unanswered to keep you coming back for the next chapter.

WEAKNESSES: If you’re looking for tension or buildup, you won’t find it here. There is mystery surrounding the main plot, but it’s rare for any immediate danger to carry over from one chapter to the next. The quick pace of the writing can at times neglect character building and drama. Occasionally the more modern writing style does not jibe with the old-world setting.

CONCLUSION: This story very effectively encapsulates traditional fantasy in quick, frequently updated chapters. "Episodic" would be an excellent way to describe Winoc’s adventures. For some people, this may not be their favorite style, as it definitely favors bite-sized action/intrigue over buildup or complexity. But you can be sure that what it does, it does well.

If you’re looking for refreshingly easy-to-follow fantasy about a man on a quest, Winoc is the guy for you.

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