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Winter’s Tale by emrys


Winter’s Tale is a fairly dark urban fantasy focusing on the life of Winter Wolf, an asocial carpenter living in Colorado Springs. Winter’s got an odd background and a handful of nonhuman friends, but by and large he tends to avoid the supernatural. This changes rapidly near the start of the series, however, when he starts to get drawn into the murky world of supernatural politics.

Readers should be aware that this is not a particularly lighthearted story. Winter’s world is often an ugly place; the monsters are more or less in charge of things, and the people fighting to change the status quo are often even worse. Morality is grey at the best of times, and more often than not the choices are between two wrongs. Winter himself is far from a saint, and he finds himself on increasingly shaky ethical ground as the story progresses. There are graphic depictions of violence, and while sex is not described in detail it does occur throughout the books. If you’re easily offended or disturbed by this sort of thing, you might want to consider passing on this series.

Note: Winter’s Tale contains pervasive graphic violence; also, some harsh language.

A complete series

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Listed: Dec 20, 2014

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I want to know the characters, not the history

By Nina Santucci, author of Fooled

Dec 27, 2014: This probably sounds a bit hypocritical coming from Ms. Exposition herself, but I have to say I had a tough time getting through the first two chapters. In fact, I will admit I skimmed quite a lot. This story is interesting enough, but the opening chapters have SO MUCH EXPOSITION that I got bored almost right away.

I think the problem is that the author isn’t even describing a scene, just providing facts. Personally, I don’t think everything has to be [more . . .]

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Great Urban Fantasy Series

By shzam, member

Mar 31, 2016: This is an amazing piece of fiction that is severely underrated. An urban fantasy series, Winter’s Tale holds its ground against the best, 14 books in and its story telling, world building and pacing are among the best fiction you can find.

The story starts solidly (the first couple of books are excellent but not mind-blowing) and builds up slowly but surely, with real changes happening to progress the story into amazing territories that other pieces of fiction haven’t. Characters grow, [more . . .]

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Woo Hoo

By KellieR, member

Sep 3, 2015: This story just gets better. The more I read of this story the more invested I feel with Winter. He is a great character that has really grown as the story progressed. The support characters are all memorable and fun.

[more . . .]

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