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Great Urban Fantasy Series

By shzam, member

Mar 31, 2016: This is an amazing piece of fiction that is severely underrated. An urban fantasy series, Winter’s Tale holds its ground against the best, 14 books in and its story telling, world building and pacing are among the best fiction you can find.

The story starts solidly (the first couple of books are excellent but not mind-blowing) and builds up slowly but surely, with real changes happening to progress the story into amazing territories that other pieces of fiction haven’t. Characters grow, (some dying) and you begin to really care about them as the story tells you more about them.

The writing is very solid and considering the author is writing three chapters a week plus interludes this astounds me.

The interludes are amazingly well thought out and add to the world building, the author crafting a truly well thought out universe that makes sense and is truly a pleasure to be in.

Overall Winter’s Tale really is an amazing series that fans of the Dresden Files or any good fiction will find enjoyable.

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