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With Earth in Mind by J.E. Turcotte


As the years roll by, the world changes from that which we know. Even in spite of impressive new strides in technology and what long seemed a forgiving end to further climate change, the various nations and unions of the Earth . . . not to mention the land itself . . . still bear the almost incalculable burden of ever increasing human population. Bach Kanavagh, a quietly introverted engineer living along the coast of Maine, is there to bear witness to the first major crack in the foundation of modern civilization. Though he, his immediate family, as well as newly rediscovered friends from his childhood, have the collective talent to to pursue a possible solution to the problem, there is a very real possibility that it’s already far to late to prevent major disaster.

Note: With Earth in Mind contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

An ongoing series, with new episodes monthly

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Listed: May 20, 2009


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So far, so good

By Von, member

Dec 10, 2009: Confession: I have only read the chapter. Caveat: It was a long chapter.

I am enjoying the writing in this book. It isn’t perfect (but then, who is), and the story gets started a bit slowly, but it is good. The main character has an introverted character that I like, and he is faced with a rather aggressive female . . . which is always an intersting character conflict, at least for me.

I will keep reading, and perhaps even add to my review.

To comment on this or any of my reviews please email me at von@vonsbooks.com

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