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A lot of fun and a little addictive

By Stable, author of The Archive Of Unusual Events

Jun 29, 2016: I’ve been blitzing my way through Wonder City Stories for a few days now and I’m enjoying the ride immensely. There’s certainly plenty of content to keep a reader going!

This is superhero stories for anyone who’s ever felt unrepresented, or tokenised, in traditional comics and stories. And one thing you can be certain of is that none of these characters are token anything. The breadth and variety of the cast is pretty astounding and they are all unique and sympathetic in their own way. A few villains may be a touch two dimensional, but that’s acceptable as we’re not seeing through their heads.

Without a doubt my favourite character is the Fat Lady. For anyone who’s never met an opera singer in real life . . . go find one. Being faced with that much force of charisma and extroversion is truly an experience and I can absolutely translate that into superheroism. (It’s not hard to find opera singers, go to a music school and look for the loud ones.) I love the idea that powerful superhumans are more likely to be female, and that the closest thing to Superman is a short, chubby black woman. My other favourites I’ll keep quiet about to avoid spoilers.

The many issues brought up by the stories are interesting, and only very rarely dip into lecturing, but it is occasionally an issue. If you are someone who thinks "being PC" is a bad thing you should avoid this story – or maybe read it and challenge your ideas a little.

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