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Serial Fiction by Kathleen Maher

serial fiction, "James Bond & the Girls of Woodstock" 

The story is about an actor who plays James Bond in a (fictional) reboot and his relationship with the sixteen-year-old local girl, Brooke Logan. One summer works as a nanny for his two small children. The next summer, he signs on as James Bond even though he and his exiled wife are divorced. Consequently, Brooke’s mother will serve as the children’s legal guardian. The attraction between Jasper and Brooke becomes, although he believes it always was, irresistible.

The story is big and broad and told from either Jasper or Brooke’s point of view. Among the main themes are overwhelming attraction that obeys no law, loyalty, distrust, acting on stage and in the movies as well as in real life.

A few episodes present Brooke and Jasper’s sexual interaction. Yet it will only read as “graphic” for readers familiar with the activities. I’m not coy or vulgar, and enjoy writing about sex. I’m careful not to overdue it, but that, like fiction itself, is especially subjective.

I plan, too, to write scene where Brooke’s father brutally beats her after she lingers too long at a window where he’s having sex with the alcohol theater director who serves as Brooke’s mentor.

Relationships like these aren’t extraordinary to me. They’re part of being human, although rarely presented with the push-pull of real love-hate and the degree of intimacy that involves. At the same time, everyone is unique, and except for Brooke’s father extends more respect to each other than I think is common. The story includes some movie scenes from the fictional movie, “Readiness Is All.”

Note: Serial Fiction contains some graphic sexual content, graphic violence, and harsh language.

An ongoing series, with new episodes weekly

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Listed: Feb 22, 2016

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