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World Domination in Retrospect by Psycho Gecko


Psycho Gecko is not your normal punk with superpowers. He is every bit the crazy, violent, and comedic supervillain that you read about in comic books. He doesn’t want to conquer the world. He’d much rather conquer a hot dog eating contest, except he’d cheat by lacing his opponents’ wieners with ghost pepper. He wouldn’t even have the courtesy to tell you if he meant the hot dogs.

World Domination in Retrospect is his extradimensional blog, because he got a hold of a device once and like most villains, he can’t help but brag. Luckily for all involved, there’s only so many words he can send out a week.

You want romance, heartrending drama, a timeless coming of age story, or an exploration of man’s mortality in the big scary universe? Too bad, he doesn’t watch soap operas.

Join Psycho Gecko at his blog if you want a break from all those dramatic and angsty tales of superheroes struggling to fill their predecessors’ shoes and reluctant supervillains fighting for what is really right in a crappy world. Instead, ask yourself “Why so serious?”

Just beware, PG are his initials, not his rating.

Note: World Domination in Retrospect contains pervasive harsh language; also, some graphic violence.

An ongoing blogfic, with new posts twice weekly

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Listed: May 16, 2013

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Editorial Reviews

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Outlandish Death and Destruction

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Aug 3, 2013: Psycho Gecko, our universe’s version, is notorious from the comments section of the popular parahuman web fiction "Worm", where he has taken the tl;dr comment to a comic art form. It all makes sense (not really 😉 ) with the reveal that in some other dimension, he is a superpowered individual himself, devoted to Chaotic Evil. This is his blog, and well, your mileage will vary, on how funny you find it. A tolerance for scatological references will help. Despite that, I will say it has its moments.

For example, the best justification for reading Psycho Gecko?

" . . . outlandish death and destruction is pretty enjoyable at times. In this world, you get all this crazy stuff happening and people die, but they get to put stuff on tombstones like “Was killed by the MegaCrushinator” or they’re remembered as the victim of some high-profile evil genius in the middle of his plot to conquer the world. Can you imagine living in a world where you were instead just killed by some regular person off the street because the other guy was a racist or an overzealous neighborhood watchman?"

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Most Helpful Member Reviews

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Tap Dancing and Supervillains

By Syphax, author of Stone Burners

Jul 6, 2014: [I help edit this serial. This review is not 100% unbiased.]

Dark humor always walks a fine line between not funny seriousness and over the top crassness. World Domination in Retrospect does not walk that line so much as madly tap dance along it. But, despite the madness, it is a skilled tap dance. Any time it gets yanked down into melancholy or stumbles into the realm of poor taste for too long, it quickly pulls itself back along the aforementioned [more . . .]

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By SELI-chan, member

May 11, 2015: When I started reading Worm, I skipped over the comments. Maybe I skimmed through them a little bit, but I was there mostly for the story. A little bit later, I stopped reading the serial because I had school. I reread it a couple months later, starting from the beginning. I had missed out on so, so much. Most of which was Psycho Gecko’s comments.

You can’t imagine my reaction when I found out about this piece of work.

[more . . .]

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A loveable Psycho (Gecko)paths blog.

By Jerden, member

Jul 12, 2013: Who likes the Joker? Actually, who doesn’t? Put that kind of hilariously psychopathic individual in an advanced suit of robotic armour and unleash him on the world. That is Psychopomp Gecko, exploding rubber chickens and all. It’s hilariously violent, but don’t worry. Most of the violence is directed towards people who deserve it, either Gecko himself or people like violent space marines, corrupt politicians or reality TV shows. His evil plans are frequently foiled by the heroes, but he gets away with a lot, and as chaos is his [more . . .]

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