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A loveable Psycho (Gecko)paths blog.

By Jerden, member

Jul 12, 2013: Who likes the Joker? Actually, who doesn’t? Put that kind of hilariously psychopathic individual in an advanced suit of robotic armour and unleash him on the world. That is Psychopomp Gecko, exploding rubber chickens and all. It’s hilariously violent, but don’t worry. Most of the violence is directed towards people who deserve it, either Gecko himself or people like violent space marines, corrupt politicians or reality TV shows. His evil plans are frequently foiled by the heroes, but he gets away with a lot, and as chaos is his aim, he pretty much always succeeds, as he’s constantly leaving a trail of destruction and confusion as he makes his way across the country. So if you need cheering up with some wacky supervillainy and a bit of dark humour, read World Domination in Retrospect and laugh at Gecko’s ludicrously evil antics. I guarantee that you’ll never predict what’s coming next. You probably won’t even be sure what’s happening at the moment, but it’ll be exiting.

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