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Worm by Wildbow

Doing the Wrong Things for the Right Reasons 

An introverted teenage girl with an unconventional superpower, Taylor goes out in costume to find escape from a deeply unhappy and frustrated civilian life. Her first attempt at taking down a supervillain sees her mistaken for one, thrusting her into the midst of the local ‘cape’ scene’s politics, unwritten rules, and ambiguous morals. As she risks life and limb, Taylor faces the dilemma of having to do the wrong things for the right reasons.

Note: Worm contains pervasive graphic violence; also, some harsh language.

A complete novel

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Listed: Nov 19, 2013

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Editorial Reviews

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the worm turns

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Sep 28, 2011: An intriguing, ambiguous situation has been set up here: a bullied, miserable incognito superpowered teen finding the friends she never had among the minor supervillain gang she plans to infiltrate and betray.

The matter of fact way she deals with her unhappy life comes through poignantly (there is a sense of emotions being muffled and deeply suppressed to the extent that it affects her judgement about other things), action scenes have vivid, solid detail, and cityscapes establish atmosphere. Technically, the site is very basic with white on black text, which is not the most comfortable reading experience for me, but it is used commonly enough that some people must like it. The writing is sound, flows well, and tends to be error-free. So far: compelling – I hope Worm continues to live up to its promise!

Ed Note (Nov 5 2011): It is . . . It just gets more and more interesting! Wildbow is an excellent writer. Recommended.

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It grows on you

By G.S. Williams, author of The Surprising Life and Death of Diggory Franklin

Mar 10, 2012: I very rarely review "popular" stories lately—I tend to try to write a review for authors who haven’t received one lately in order to balance things out a bit. Every story deserves a look. "Worm" has received a lot of praise, so I’ve actually been avoiding reading it.

Well, this March I’ve spent a lot of time in the hospital as my wife gave birth to twins, and I needed a distraction whenever there was a quiet moment. I checked out [more . . .]

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I burned through the archive in a day…

By Shutsumon, author of The Haventon Chronicles

Sep 19, 2012: Short Version: Recommended for all Superhero fiction fans. When I started reading it a couple of weeks ago I burned through the archive in one day.

Setup: Taylor is a teenage girl with an unusual superpower – she controls insects and arachnids. She dreams of becoming a superhero and when a group of teenage supervillains mistake her for a villain and invite her to join them she agrees in order to spy on and eventually betray them. But as she gets [more . . .]

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I want to see this author get global recognition. Stat.

By Rika Covenant, member

Apr 1, 2013: Note: This was originally posted on April 1st, but is NOT a joke review.

I just finished reading what’s avaiable of this masterpiece over a period of three days, on and off- Over a million words to date, and I’m a fast reader- and I have to say I’d put Worm up there with Jim Butcher’s, Sandy Mitchell’s, Isaac Asimov’s, or Brandon Sanderson’s work, easily (For those who somehow are reading this but don’t recognize the names, those authors might be [more . . .]

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