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By Feam, member

Jul 3, 2017: I’m only a third of the way through the story, which is already enough to contain multiple books in not just a series but an entire franchise and a fully fleshed out fictional world . . . but I felt I just had to recommend a story as great and enjoyable as this.

Every character feels alive, every interaction feels dynamic, and the writer contributes to that in every chapter with commentary, discussions, and constant passion.

  • If you like beautifully detailed, realistic, intriguing and living modern / supernatural worlds,
  • if you like an incredible cast of unique characters each with their own rational motivations and down to earth morals,
  • If you like believable yet astronomically powerful abilities written in ways that both defy and enhance science rather than shrugged off as magic, where each character, each archetype is taken to its theoretical limit and polished to near perfection,
  • If you just like a really well written and fun story you can sink into for hours upon hours,

Try Worm.

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