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the worm turns

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Sep 28, 2011: An intriguing, ambiguous situation has been set up here: a bullied, miserable incognito superpowered teen finding the friends she never had among the minor supervillain gang she plans to infiltrate and betray.

The matter of fact way she deals with her unhappy life comes through poignantly (there is a sense of emotions being muffled and deeply suppressed to the extent that it affects her judgement about other things), action scenes have vivid, solid detail, and cityscapes establish atmosphere. Technically, the site is very basic with white on black text, which is not the most comfortable reading experience for me, but it is used commonly enough that some people must like it. The writing is sound, flows well, and tends to be error-free. So far: compelling – I hope Worm continues to live up to its promise!

Ed Note (Nov 5 2011): It is . . . It just gets more and more interesting! Wildbow is an excellent writer. Recommended.

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