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Be Careful What You Research…

By illlogicmedia, member

Nov 11, 2013: Worm. Think about that word. Worm. Seeing that word as the title to a web series doesn’t normally conjure up images in your head of superheros, right? It didn’t for me either. The word, at first glance doesn’t fit at all . . . not until "THE BIG REVEAL" . . . then it all comes crashing down as you have that "aha!" moment.

I started reading this out of curiosity while reading a thread to the Star Wars/Star Trek and Science forum that I have been frequenting for close to 8 years now. What caught my eye was a simple poem that the author arranged which described the different superhero classification scemes within wildbow’s universe.

It was sheer brilliance! I was in awe and immediatly went to find out where this actually came from. At first, I thought it was a class system to a new Role Playing Game (like Pathfinder/HEROS/D&D). Then, I stumbled upon Worm.

This is an amazing story with complex characters, excellent story arcs, and a refreshingly brilliant take on the whole superhero genre. I have read this story and experienced a wide range of emotions. The author’s ability to dig deep into the reader’s soul to bring out tears of sorrow, tears of joy, fear, anger (yes, I’ve thrown things), dispair, and hope are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

The writing style is best described as Hi-Def for books. It reallly puts you in the middle of the action towhere you can "feel" the hot sun, cold winds, freezing water, laser blast, gut punch, and etcetera. The character development is probably my favorite thing going on here. The author has made me fall in love with no less than a dozen or more characters, all of them tied for the #1 spot.

I am definitly looking forward to the author’s next project.

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