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I want to see this author get global recognition. Stat.

By Rika Covenant, member

Apr 1, 2013: Note: This was originally posted on April 1st, but is NOT a joke review.

I just finished reading what’s avaiable of this masterpiece over a period of three days, on and off- Over a million words to date, and I’m a fast reader- and I have to say I’d put Worm up there with Jim Butcher’s, Sandy Mitchell’s, Isaac Asimov’s, or Brandon Sanderson’s work, easily (For those who somehow are reading this but don’t recognize the names, those authors might be better known for Dresden Files, Caiphas Cain, Foundation, and Mistborn/Wheel of Time finalization, respectively).

Anyways, on to why I actually like the story! Ahem. Worm is a story about a world where superheroes and supervillains exist, both the murderous psychopath kind and the campy, slapstick giant-bomb-running-down-a-pier-avoiding-way-too-many-silly-things kind of capes- the in-universe slang term for parahumans, aka humans with paranormal powers- and everything in between. The world is portrayed in a realistic light on its own, but the character interactions are smooth and feel so real that it almost transends mere realistic-ness for being, simply, real. I can picture each of the events occuring in my mind’s eye from the perspective of the one narrating perfectly- Not as if I was someone watching over their shoulder, detached from the story, but actually sucking me in, feeling like I’m becoming that role, that person, for that chapter. And then the when the point of view eventually shifts, be it from an interlude between arcs, or because an arc is drawing disparate threads together- and I feel myself settling into yet another character as easily as changing a hat, yet each time it feels just as real as the last.

Not only is the story engrossing (and I’m writing this to be spoiler-free, so sorry that I’m not giving any real details on what the story is), but the community is fun and engaging, and is as much part of the web serial that is Worm than anything else. Wildbow, the author, has made several references to things mentioned in the comments, and is actively engaging with the community, though he maintains a strictly neutral stance on answering any specifics that might have plot significance- Why answer in the comments when it can be answered in the story? was the answer given for why that stance is taken, and I wholeheartedly agree, especially given the absolute brilliance that Wildbow has demonstrated by taking those subjects of discussion and illuminating the truth behind it all.

I know this may sound like just a fan-girl’s squeeing ranting and raving over a new toy (and i’d be wrong to say otherwise) but Worm really is that good. The best argument I can provide against anything you might say to counter that is simple: Read it for yourself, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

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