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Preachy power fantasy dressed in pseudoscience

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Nov 4, 2016: Let me start with one thing. Bad science makes me flail. Were I not reading new stories on WFG SPECIFICALLY to review, I would have stopped with the first page. But, I was willing to move past it. The story has a conceit in the prologue that the world has gone to hell, and a dying old woman decides to write a story about how things could have been better, so, why not. That conceit alone forgives a lot of the sins of the story, the very obvious self insert power fantasy of it. But bad science abounds, the story comes across very preachy against GMOs and other technology, using untrue myths about them. The plot contains a lot of really shitty tropes. A crime ridden city where gangsters and drug dealers walk around robbing and selling, no police to stop them, and yet ordinary citizens work at mcdonalds and go about their day, just making sure to be inside at night, when the gangs roam. . . . 

The actual quality of the prose isn’t bad. The story flows, characters have a bit of uniqueness in their voices. Sadly, what could be good writing is wasted on a less than mediocre story. Skip it.

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