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Yes, Your Highness by Oniwasabi


Welcome to a world of adventure and fantasy. A world powered by improbable steam engines, perpetual clockwork machines, and voltaic devices the likes of which would make Nikola Tesla proud! Welcome to a story set in a kingdom within this world, a small but powerful nation where airships sail the skies and the borders are patrolled by clockwork soldiers. A kingdom where an unusual princess finds herself forced to rely on an old smuggler, his even older ship, and the eccentric crew that keeps both of them in the air. It turns out that desperation really DOES make for the strangest of friends and allies. But sometimes, the strangest of friends are the ones that you end up needing the most.

Note: Yes, Your Highness contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating sporadically

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Listed: Jan 10, 2015

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A little cliche, but it has potential

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Jan 15, 2015: Imagine King Lear, if Lear had 5 kids ,was a complete ASS about it, and lived in a steampunk Victorian time. Our heroine is the bookish type, but still a well trained princess who can kick ass with the best, on a quest to NOT DIE as her brothers try to take her and each other out to gain the throne. There is some solid action, good laughs, and it keeps moving at a steady pace. Some of the steampunk tropes are in full force, and you may get a [more . . .]


This link is dead.

By merr49, member

Aug 26, 2019: This link is dead

[more . . .]

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