By Thedude3445, author of Rainbow Destructor

Mar 13, 2019: Very mixed feelings on this "Your Typical Isekai LitRPG" story. For one, on its face in the "marketing"— e.g. the chapter titles, the author notes, the cover— everything about the series suggests that it’s going to be a wacky comedy, an absolute send-up of one of the most derided genres in web fiction today, the Isekai LitRPG.. The story is very generic in setup— a Japanese class is summoned to a fantasy world where there are RPG stats, and are quested to save it and such, and there’s quite a few wacky fourth wall breaking events. But for some reason, the story itself is largely pretty self-serious.

It’s weird and surprising how unfunny the story is. Not as in the jokes are bad— they’re decent when they’re there . . . It’s just that, most of the time, they’re not there! The characters endlessly debate and argue and yell at each other, and the worldbuilding appears to be pretty seriously done. For how joking it appears at first, the story does not actually deliver much on laughs.

And because of that, the story never actually took off for me and I quickly lost interest by the lack of parody and humor that was heavily advertised.

The author appeared to have started an attempt to "revamp" the story by editing earlier chapters, but it appears to have been abandoned midway through the process. I don’t think it will go anywhere from there.

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