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Eikasia by Illise Montoya

An adventure of love and magic.

On a tower of metal and light, a girl faces an uncertain future. Awash with the tears of gods, a warrior stares down the universe. Together they journey across dangerous lands, to spare the world a demon’s madness. Romance and dark fantasy blend together in this interesting tale about the things we see and the things we don’t. Eikasia—Sometimes, . . .

A serialized novel, updating infrequently.  Recommended by apocalypsenovel.
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A modern town in a magic world

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Mar 9, 2013: What would happen, if your hometown was magically transported to another world? The citizens of Dunsmith, British Columbia get to find that out for themselves in this novel, a sequel to "Children of the Halo". The Dunsmith transplants have successfully defended themselves against an aggressor and formed alliances, but now "The Empire Strikes Back"!

Multiple plotlines immediately branch out from the point of view of different characters, some from Dunsmith and some native to this new realm. With each character, [more . . .]

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In a world were publicity literally equals power you want to pay the bards.

By Taulsn, author of Reaper

Jun 7, 2015: This review is written as of chapter 7, and so far I’m enjoying it. The ability system is unique, and the world seems expansive. The characters so far a surprisingly well fleshed out and individual.

The one drawback I’ve found is it’s a lot of information very quickly. So it can feel info dumpy at times. However, they are well handled, so it isn’t very detrimental to the otherwise very good writing.

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