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Treasure Trove

By Dora, member

Sep 2, 2009: Nomesque Fiction is home to a treasure trove of fiction. I really like the quirky characters and the fascinating situations in which they find themselves.

I started by reading Dead(ish). I love this story! The title and the description drew me in and the story captivated me. I read the story in one sitting and hated saying bye to the characters when it was done.

I got all caught up in the hunt for Linda’s body. Poor thing, it would suck to wake up dead.

I enjoyed the dark humor immensely.

I also really liked the shifting point-of-view. It was fun to get one character’s side of things and then get a different character’s take on the events as well as his/her opinions on the other characters.

I think the author must’ve had a lot of fun writing this, and that carried over to the reading experience. I know I had some laugh-out-loud moments.

After Dead(ish), I moved on to the Dropbear series. The author is effectively using vignettes to unwrap the story and the tension’s building toward . . . I don’t know yet, but that’s half the fun. Can’t wait for the next posting in the series.

Now I’m enjoying the fairy tales and Peter Pan Revisited.

Nomesque offers highly enjoyable, original stories. Age-old questions and universal truths are sprinkled throughout, but they’ve been reworked for today’s readership and conveyed in the author’s own unique style.

I’m thrilled that the primary author on the site is so prolific. It means I can look forward to a long relationship with this site.

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