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A Sassy Delight

By NiSp, member

Mar 10, 2009: Nomesque Fiction is a collection of quirky stories usually incorporating some supernatural spice or a smattering of faerie dust. None of the sequences appear to be finished but there is enough posted for the reader to get more than a good share of laughs and it seems the author posts regularly. Each post is short enough that you’ll hardly ever feel the need to put it off until you have ‘time to read’, however, browse at your peril because you’ll probably end up staying there longer than you intended . . . 

The site is clean and generally easy to navigate. A few chapters didn’t have a link at the bottom to the next chapter and this frustrated me a little, but the listing on the left helped me get over it.

The writing is engaging, witty and without all the descriptive frills. Usually I enjoy getting stuck into epic novels with detailed action and thought, but thoroughly enjoyed the way this author skips across intervening times when it had nothing to do with the story. The style makes for easy reading and the imaginative (often whacky) story lines keep the reader intrigued.

The author also has the ability to change viewpoints without missing a beat and if you can keep up (and she makes it easy to do), you’re in for a great ride.

If you don’t mind the odd dead person refusing to leave you alone or an interfering fairy godmother making a few rather inconvenient appearances, you’re bound to enjoy this site. No topic is too sacred to be explored here, so sensitive viewers may want to heed a whispered warning – however, the author writes in such an open (often hilarious) way that I struggle to think anyone would truly take offense.

I have to agree with Linda’s editorial review here – this author is having fun writing this and exploring different ideas with a whirlwind of energy. In my opinion, readers will be brushed with the same wind when they visit.

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