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You’ll never run out of stories to read.

By Sora, member

Mar 23, 2009: This review isn’t going to be like my other reviews where I give a summary of the story and my likes and dislikes. For one thing, it’s impossible to give a summary since there are all kinds of stories at this site. They range from fairy tales, fables, and modern day remixes with old school stories. It’s overwhelming trying to choose just what kind of story might be the one for you. Personally my favorites were stories that were part of series, namely Spirit Guide, Peter Pan Revisited, and Maisy May. Characters are quirky and odd, but endearing, interesting, and most importantly, entertaining. The stories are mostly dialogue driven and most of the time I find it irritating to read, but in this case I think the author has made a wise decision. The writing itself has character, it changes and molds itself to the characters. I typically don’t read short story collections or short series, but once I found a few stories that I was interested in, I found it enjoyable. If you like short story collections, this is probably the site for you. The stories are quirky and poignant, entertaining and delightful. Even though I really really dislike short story collections, I will definitely take some time and read through the stories when I get more time. I felt like I enjoyed enough of the stories to post a review. I think people looking for short stories with a little quirkiness are definitely in for a real treat.

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