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Fantastical Fiction

By Tahjir, member

Apr 29, 2009: Nomesque Fiction is an eclectic collection of short stories. Though the stories themselves vary in genre or style, they all have a few things in common.

The writing is quirky and fast. You get the feeling that the author has a great deal of fun writing these, and it helps immensely. There is a sort of sarcastic, dark humor throughout, sometimes graphic, sometimes not. Even with the varying styles, it always works.

The stories themselves are well written and entertaining. Though they incorporate supernatural or fairytale themes, the characters and settings feel realistic. The characters deal with their bizarre problems in ways you’d expect people in the real world to act. The writing is quick, not languishing in needless detail or exposition. From the first paragraphs you’re thrown into the story, making it impossible to resist "turning the page".

I think everyone should give this collection a try. You’re likely to find at least one story that you’ll enjoy.

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