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And a kitchen sink, for good measure…

By zoewhitten, member

Jul 1, 2009: I’m still going through the backlog of stories, but the one thing that I’ve noticed already is the fantastic quality of the writing. I started first with Dead(ish) which is an insanely hilarious ghost story with a wicked ghost and a truly shocking ending. From there, I’ve been working through the darker Peter Pan Revisited stories.

What strikes me from what I’ve read so far is the clarity of the writing style, and the sense that the writer is enjoying these experiments as they play out. The sections end in places that pull me and make me anticipate the next installment, and on more than one occasion, the dark humor had me snorting food and/or beverages when I hit an unexpected punch line.

The collection of stories is eclectic, but I like this, and I think it will help to hold my interest over time. Nomesque is like a sampler club that sends out new chocolates with each installment. What you get may be light or dark, and the inside may be slightly nutty. But no matter what variety arrives, it’s bound to be good.

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