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It’s certainly informative.

By Donna Sirianni, editor

Aug 5, 2008: I feel like I know my way around Washington DC now, that’s for sure.

This was one of those stories that I wanted to like because I liked the idea of a private investigator that specialized in the occult. There’s a lot of weird stuff in this world. Really, it’s only natural that someone like him would exist. Kind of like a Monk meets Buffy type of thing. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t get into it.

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Random Member Review

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Starting to Climb

By Unillustrated, author of Citadel

Oct 24, 2014: Jumping Rings is a little hard to describe. The title comes from the setting. A very class heavy, almost caste-like, fantasy world. A city is divided into 10 "rings" with the innermost being the wealthiest and the outer most being the poorest. There are a few terms that are hard to follow at first. Most of these deal with gender, (male female or neutral) but it’s not completely clear whether that’s down to a physical difference or a difference in identity.

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