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Crown of the Martyr and Martyr of the Crown. by sarvashaktimaan

An undisputed being sits upon his throne, the Crown of damnation adorning his head. One gaze enough to make gods tremble, and one wave of his hand enough to make the mightiest of demons flee. An unfathomable cataclysm will surely arrive when such a being is slain and grasps another chance to walk among the living. This is a . . .

A serialized novel, updating thrice weekly.
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Clover by Ronks

A Seeker's Story

Seeker. The renowned title for those brave men and women of all races who risk their lives for adventure and treasure. Raised in the Vanden Seekers Guild, one would think that Clover Rumare would aspire to become one just like his father, Bastille is. Instead, Clover has chosen to become a musician like his elven friend, Sven. However, this will . . .

A serialized novel, updating almost daily.
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Yesterday’s Prince by H.D. Lynn

What would you do if your body and your kingdom were stolen?

YESTERDAY’S PRINCE is The Sword in the Stone with a Freaky Friday twist. Uther is a young prince who’s reluctantly thrust into having to defend his throne against his usurping uncle and all-around powerful wizard, who uses his powers to steal the one thing Uther thought he couldn’t take: his own body. After becoming the villain of the realm in . . .

A serialized novel, updating weekly.
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Black Cloak White Art by A A Roi

Tales from the Wizard's End of the Staff

It has been eighty years since the since the last Conjunction of the Three Realms and the accompanying Riven War wrecked havok on the world of Aethros. Since then the Wizards of the North have worked hard to reshape thier identities, forge the Alliance of the Thirteen Greater and Lesser Kingdoms and prepare for the next conjunction, barely more than . . .

A series.
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Deus En Machina by Josh Craig

A story of loss and victory, magic and machines, gods and mortals and discovering what it takes to save the world. Led by the vision of the consulary and protected by the dedication of the mage-knights, the world has found peace at last. Or so people believe, but the truth is far less comforting. In this time of peace . . .

An abandoned series.
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